Delays cause ruckus at Zhengzhou airport

Flight services began returning to normalcy at Xinzheng International Airport in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, on Friday after delays had led to a ruckus on Thursday.

Angered by the long delays owing to the snow, passengers had smashed computers and airline check-in desks.

The news broke on social media in China as pictures of agitated passengers venting at airline officials went viral on Sina Weibo. While most people understood the passengers’ frustration, netizens were outraged at the behaviour, while also admonishing the airport staff for being unprepared.

“It’s not a matter of who is right or wrong; it is illegal to resort to the violence!” wrote a user named @Xibianyuxiaowu.

Some users appeared to be less irrational: “Everyone understands that the snow would cause delays. However, the airport staff didn’t give any explanations about the delays, so nobody was able to keep calm…it is not always the public to be blamed for,” wrote a user named @Yangguangcailang.